What You Get From Us?

A free assessment

We visit your property and determine the most appropriate means of restoration for your particular floor. Choosing the most suitable refinishing materials can be quite a task. There is now an enormous – and bewildering – range of traditional and modern stains and sealers. Natural or artificial, we’ll demonstrate their qualities – to help you decide those you require for the floor you want.

Set prices

As we offer a fixed price for every stage in the floor restoration process, we can create the restoration program to fit your budget.

You’ll know exactly what you will be paying – with no surprise costs.

Work at your convenience

Floor sanding is a disruptive process but we strive to keep the inconvenience to a minimum. A job takes at least a full day – and several days when multiple rooms are involved.

We work during evenings and at weekends, if necessary, to enable you to get back to business. We will give you approximate timings during your free assessment.

And if you need an overnight job, we can adapt. As in an Estee Lauder hairdressing salon in central London. We used five teams of sanders and heaters to accelerate the drying of the sealant. The salon reopened for business the following day!

Carpets and furniture removal

Let us remove and dispose of your old carpets. These can be bulky and awkward to take your local tip. Ripping them up may leave pieces behind – and carpet staples. We have the tools and expertise to deal with these.

Similarly, why risk your back shifting heavy items of furniture? We’ll clear the room for you – and replace all items when the sealant is dry. And no chance of scratching the pristine surface, either!

Minimal disruption and mess

Sanding is a dusty and noisy process, with older-style drum sanders spreading dust that can linger for days. Our modern cylinder machines have a unique dust collection system – with the bags staying outside the room to be sanded. We also restrict dust by masking off doors and windows – and vacuum frequently.

An authentic job

A great variety of wooden floors exist in the UK, as building trends have ebbed and flowed. We endeavour to match existing wooden boards or blocks with reclaimed timber of the same wear and vintage. Although we source from a nationwide network of suppliers, this can sometimes prove quite a challenge.

A set of offices in Central London was missing forty square feet of Its 1930s parquet blocks. None was available in the capital, so we had to widen the search. We found the right blocks in Nottingham – from an old mews demolition.

But these blocks happened to be twice the required size. After cutting them in half by hand, we laid them – and sealed the floor with three coats of hard wax.

The company are now totally satisfied with their modern glass partitioned office – complemented by a beautiful period parquet floor.

Stair stripping

Stairs are often taken for granted or neglected – festering under layers of paint or carpet. Sanding is a highly painstaking job – and one that leads to outstanding results.

After the entire tread and risers are stripped and sanded, the whole stairway can be stained and varnished. For a really striking effect, we can paint the risers in white and leave the steps in clear varnish.

Wooden decking

These attractive garden features easily become worn, weathered and shabby. We sand the surface to remove the old top layer of fibres and reveal a new set of ‘like new’ underneath.

Finishing off with decking oil or stain results in an impressive new finish.

The complete aftercare service

And when we’ve given every room the final once over, vacuumed and packed up? Ask us for any advice on the aftercare you will need to maintain your floor for years to come.

Whatever the finish, a wooden floor is so easy to maintain: just avoid abrasive cleaners of anykind. Regular sweeping and/or vacuuming will remove dirt and grit.

Avoid revolving vacuum cleaner brushes – and excess moisture. Just use a simple damp mop, with possibly a wooden floor cleaner, as recommended by the manufacturer. For a lacquered floor, revitalise it when it has lost its lustre. Sand down the surface lightly – and apply more lacquer.

Waxed or oiled floors also need simple sweeping and mopping – then a buff to maintain their shine.

I’ll hire a machine..

Floor sanding is no weekend job. If you want the best results, bring in trained professionals.

You can go to a hire shop, receive five minutes ‘tuition’ and bring home an old and cumbersome drum sander. Carrying it into the house may exhaust you – even before coping with the dust and the noise. You may find it tricky to manoeuvre – and equally tricky to get a smooth finish. And there’s the risk of striping the floor with ugly clatter marks – or doing more lasting damage by removing too much wood.

We are called in to rectify amateur enthusiasm far too often – and we hate these jobs. So please do yourself a favour. Hiring a machine is unlikely to save you money. And you could have to pay out a lot more.

Sanding is just one stage in the whole floor restoration process: you also need to choose the right stains and sealants for your wood type and use. Ask us first – we’ve worked on all kinds of floors so you’ll get the best possible advice.

Experienced and professional

As wooden floor restoration specialists of over twenty years, we have refinished hundreds of floors of all types – in a vast range of properties.

Our staff work to the high standards of the national trade body – the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). All are members with at least seven years’ experience in the industry.

A thorough job

We believe in the value of thorough preparation during all the vital stages of refinishing a wooden floor.

We will examine your floors closely to determine their type and any previous treatment. You will get the best advice on all aspects of the restoration of your floors: from repairs and sanding – to staining and wood floor refinishing.

So we will ask you about their likely use and any special needs. Do you want if for hard wearing, everyday use? Or as a showpiece in your house, shop or business premises? There is no ‘right’ finish: all have virtues and some drawbacks. Your choice depends on what you want – and how much care you wish to devote to the floor once it is restored and refinished.

And while we sand, our modern cylinder machines give an even finish. Stains adhere less well to bumpy areas, leaving darker patches and a dirty appearance. We also use edging sanders and hand tools for awkward corners and smaller areas.

If you have traces of bitumen or ‘Victorian’ style black wax on the floor – its days are over. We will remove every trace of this ugly residue. An old concrete fire hearth is no obstacle either. We’ll remove it and fill in the gap with matching flooring.

Focus on quality

We always recommend the highest quality stains, paints and sealants.

Many of these are only available to members of the trade. You won’t find them down your local DIY superstore. The better the quality, the longer the product lasts – and the better the value. In commercial properties subject to heavy constant use, there will be less frequent need to apply a new finish.

Restoring a floor to a high standard is not cheap – and quality finishes require the application of several coats. But the results will be worthwhile – with a floor you’ll be proud of for years to come.

Go for the best – contact us today!