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With a wealth of experience in sanding floors that spans over three decades, Refinish Wood Floors is dedicated to delivering top-quality restoration services for your wooden floors.

Refinish Your Wooden Floors!

When your wooden floors are damaged, worn or just plain tired – and need a makeover…

Sanding and refinishing will restore them to their original hardwearing beauty. We will bring your floors back to life ! Ask us for your free assessment. You’ll be amazed at what we can do – with minimum dust and fuss. Call on us to be sure your new floor will be in the sure hands of a friendly and reliable firm. A truly professional team who will give you the best advice – and do an efficient job at a fair price. And be available to answer your queries concerning the aftercare of your floor. Refinish Wood Floors Co. work throughout London and the Home Counties on all kinds of wooden floors – domestic and commercial; boards and parquet; historic and modern.

The Stages

Over time, the old layers of paint and sealant (black bitumen, oil, varnish or lacquer) on a wooden floor wear away. Couple this with accumulated dirt and the floor begins to look sad and dirty. Sanding machines are fitted with special sanding paper of various grades of coarseness. They strip the old sealant back to smooth bare wood.

Sanding works splendidly on all kinds of wooden floors: hardwood (oak, beech or walnut) or softwood (pine, yew or Douglas fir); strip floors; herringbone; parquet blocks; mosaic and even cork.

There are three stages: a rough, medium and fine sand to strip, level, and smooth the boards to leave a high quality finish. Restoration includes repairing – or replacing – any damaged floorboards. Gaps may also be filled.

The smooth wood may then be stained. A natural stain enhances the original grain of the timber. A coloured stain is useful for a fresh look – that can match the floor to the décor of your home or commercial premises.

The final stage is to protect the new floor with a sealant. The result? A beautiful and hard-wearing finish to provide years of service.

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Get the low-down on wood floor refinishing

Bare floorboards

Bare floorboards can look great – but they can also look really bad. Perhaps you’ve bought a house where the previous occupant chose to varnish around the furniture leaving bare patches once it was moved (believe us, it does happen). Or maybe your floorboards have been painted but they’re tired and need a new lease of life. Either way, if you’ve got a house where the floorboards could do with some serious TLC, our tips on wood floor refinishing techniques will help you get the look you’re after.

First things first

First things first, you’ll need some decent tools to do a good job. Forget hand sanding – it will take you forever and a day. Rent a floor-sander, and a sander specifically designed for getting right into the corners and edges. These sanders will make light work of sanding your old floor (and save your back and knees some serious heartache) – and they collect all the sawdust quickly and efficiently so you’re left with minimum mess.

After you've sanded your wood floor

After you’ve sanded your wood floor, it’s time to fill in any dips and knots so you get a beautiful even finish on your finished floor. Use wood putty and a palette knife to apply the putty to the floor, and smooth out as if you were icing a cake. Let it dry, and then sand it gently so that it’s really nice and even.

Now it's time for the last bit of prep

Now it’s time for the last bit of prep and then you’re onto the main event… take a damp cloth and wipe down the skirting board and floorboards to bring any dust and dirt down to floor level. Then get your vacuum and give your floorboards a thorough going over. Lastly, wipe your floorboards with a special tack cloth so you can be sure there’s absolutely nothing left over from all that sanding.

Get your wood floor refinished

It’s a good idea to do both the prep and the sealing of the wood floor in one day as it will ensure your open wood floor surface absorbs a minimum amount of water while it’s getting its makeover.

Now it’s time to get your wood floor refinished. Depending on the room you’re doing, and the look you want – you have a few choices – polyurethane, penetrating sealer and varnish. The first is great for rooms that get a lot of use as they’re hard-wearing, however, they can darken the look of your wood floors. Penetrating sealer will also darken your wood but it has a more natural finish and it’s easy to repair small areas whereas polyurethane is much harder to repair. Finally, there’s varnish – this comes in everything from matte to gloss finish, and it will also darken your wood’s natural finish. Furthermore, the glossier the varnish – the more durable it is.

Seal your floor evenly

So seal your floor evenly with your choice of sealant, and let it dry. Then give the floor a buff with a fine steel wool, get rid of any excess dust or dirt by vacuuming and wiping with a tack cloth, then apply coat number one of your floor finish. Let it dry, and then apply the final coat. Et voila! Your wood floor has been refinished and once 24 hours have passed you can bring your furniture back into the room. Now it’s time to sit back and admire all your hard work…

Feedback From Our Esteemed Clientele

Teresa Porter and Terry Smith
“A big, big thank you for all of your brilliant work. When we...
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Teresa Porter and Terry Smith
“A big, big thank you for all of your brilliant work. When we decided to have our floors sanded, we were very concerned because we didn’t want this to create a lot of dust and mess, as we have some rather precious family heirlooms. We shouldn’t have worried because hardly any dust was generated. I don’t know how you did it! The nails which were sticking out of our floorboards could have caused a lot of pain if we stood on them but, because your team knew exactly what they were doing, this is not a problem any more because they were removed and the finish was flawless. As our sanding was completed on time, the quote which you gave us was also very reasonable as well. We’ll be passing on your details to our friends who want their floors sanded.”
Teresa Porter and Terry Smith
Teresa Porter and Terry Smith
Liza Banks
“Just want to say thank you very much for all of your hard work....
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Liza Banks
“Just want to say thank you very much for all of your hard work. As my floor had many nooks and crannies, straightening out these problems was a bit daunting, especially as I didn’t have much free time or the expertise to do this myself. You were recommended to me by my friend Jean Pointer who lives nearby after you had sanded her floor. Well, I’m glad she told me about you because your team turned up and did the work on time and within my budget as well. There was minimal hassle caused to my home, which is very good because I have two small children. Just like my friend, I’ll also be passing your details onto anybody else that needs to have their floor sanded.”
Liza Banks
Liza Banks
Cindy and Steve Phillips
“The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in...
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Cindy and Steve Phillips
“The floors in our property were awful. Not only were there many gaps in between the floorboards, but the colour throughout wasn’t constant. As we can’t afford to have carpets because our small children keep spilling their food and drink, we decided to remove our carpet and have wooden flooring instead. That’s when we decided to contact you because you were personally recommended by my step-parents. To say that I am impressed with the work is an understatement. I am amazed at the quality of the work which you have done for us. Now, our floorboards look fantastic, especially as the same colour is apparent throughout, they're 'spill-proof' and even the introduction of a new puppy into the family hasn't dulled their shine! Thanks for a great job!.”
Cindy and Steve Phillips
Cindy and Steve Phillips

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Oil vs varnish: Which finish is best for your hardwood floors?

If you’ve just had your wood floors sanded, then you now face an important decision – oil or varnish? Both methods have benefits for keeping your sanded wooden floors looking their best, and the finish you ultimately decide on will depend not only on protecting your floor but the look you wish to achieve for your home.

Advantages of floor sanding and varnishing

If your wooden floors are in high-traffic areas, or if you have children and animals and require a durable and damage-resistant finish, then varnish is for you. Varnish will resist knocks and spills and, because of the way it penetrates the pores of the wood, will stop your floorboards collecting dust, making them much easier to clean. A specialised UV varnish will also help to stop the boards fading in direct sunlight. A good varnish usually lasts around 10 years and gives an elegant shine to your floorboards after floor sanding.

Oiling a sanded floor

By contrast, oiling your hardwood boards after floor sanding will give them a rich patina which is particularly suitable for antique or reclaimed boards. The finish of oiled floors isn’t prone to cracking and the oil penetrates deep into the wood to nourish the boards, unlike varnish which sits on the surface. Oiled floors are more prone to damage but can simply be re-sanded and re-oiled. However, you will have to repeat the treatment every 2 or 3 years, though oiling floorboards is generally easier than getting a great finish with varnish, which is best done by a professional.

Which one is right for my floors?

If you have newly laid hardwood floors, or have used our company for wood flooring repair or renovation, then you’ll appreciate the protection and the finish that varnish has to offer. A gloss effect can give a real wow factor to your home. On the other hand, if you prefer a more distressed, matte look or have undertaken sanding on older timbers, you may prefer the more understated and antique look of an oiled finish.

Ask the experts

We’re happy to advise you on the best finish for restoring and protecting wooden floors, so contact us today to find out how we can help you reclaim the beauty of your hardwood floors.